Vacation In Rustic Luxury
Relax, Swim, Canoe, Fish, Hike, Horseback Riding
Bordering the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area

The prose and poetry below has been provided by guests about their vacation at the Tom T. Hall Cabin.

A Perfect Getaway for Hikers

I've now visited Tom T. Hall Cabin probably close to a dozen times over the past five years, and can unequivocally say it's awesome and I cannot wait to return! It's comfortable, clean and conveniently located for access to the park. I was especially grateful for that on my most recent visit, when we hiked every day along the Pilot/Wines trail. Heading north and east from the cabin, Pilot Rock is probably two or three miles away and it's spectacular. But we also enjoyed the view of the gorge from the Bronco Overlook. We never had to get in our cars to see some of the park's most stunning views. The beds are comfy; the hot tub is pristine. Everything about Tom T. Hall is conducive to good times and relaxation. Thank you, Dennis Sheffield, for your gracious hospitality. You thought of every detail.

Jane (Nashville TN)


My husband i very much enjoyed our trip. We had an amazing time hiking, fishing, on the scenic railway, watching the sun rise and set in the hot tub, and my personal favorite was roasting marshmallows by the fire. The cabin was incredible and i hope to visit again!!!...very soon!!!

Gen (Archer, Fl)

Very attentive owner!

The owner of this beautiful home away from home, is most concerned that everyone's stay is off the chart. You can see this in his excellent communications skills, quality of comfortable beds and bedding and a squeaky clean cabin. I rent 4-5 cabins a year and this one has been the most complete for us. There are no other cabins in sight, no other sounds to be heard other than what nature wants you to hear. You and your group will simply love that cabin, any time of year.

Dave Kelley (Soddy Daisy)

Remote, Comfy, Perfect Antidote to City LIfe...

When I began my random fantasy for a perfect getaway weekend, I imagined the following components:

  • remote location, untouched by giant malls and familiar commerce at every corner
  • cabin by the lake
  • eggs, bacon, steak, coffee, etc., inside said cabin, ensconced by woods and water.

The Tom T. Hall cabin experience nailed it, on every count. But I'm sure there are other reviews that say as much. Instead I wanna take a second to talk about the OTHER aspect of this experience that made it so good: the owner, Dennis.

First of all, if part of the purpose of a trip like ours (five college buddies, a depressing 12 years since graduation) is to relax, it doesn't help if your landlord is exceedingly untrusting, uptight, and full of do's and don'ts. Dennis was the exact opposite.

His love for the cabin and genuine interest in his guests' experience was evident from the first interaction. And silly though it may sound, it affected the overall experience tremendously. A real joy. He called to check in on us, gave us up-to-date suggestions for restaurants, things to do, etc.

I can't remember the last time that happened, ever (and I've been on plenty getaway weekends). The town of Oneida is... not... bustling. The crew I was with came in from Los Angeles, Chicago, Tokyo, and Washington, DC... i.e., we're all used to certain amenities. Those looking for things to do, bars to hang out in, restaurants aplenty to choose from, etc... may be in for a surprise. Luckily, we were not desperate for any of those things. Oneida's simplicity hit the spot.

As cooking enthusiasts, we made ourselves at home and cooked up a storm and have the waistbands to prove it. For a remote cabin getaway experience, I'm not sure it gets much better than this. What's more, we stayed inside the cabin virtually the entire time, so we didn't even really explore the activities that WERE available (perhaps more activities would have been available in the summer rather than the winter). The point is, it says something about the cabin that we didn't get bored once over a long three-day weekend.

Amazing and accommodating owner. Lovely home. Incredible woods. Extreme remoteness. Fantastic all around escape. We will be back for sure to try our hand at a different season, perhaps with fishing rods in tow. Thanks again, Dennis, for a great experience and a nice reminder that being passionate about something can be contagious.

Mouzone (Los Angeles)


You told me when we rented your lovely cabin that we would not want to leave. After our wonderful stay I must say that it was most certainly an understatement. We have never had such a great vacation and we have never stayed at such a beautiful place. The accomodations were superior to any cabin we have ever rented and more importantly the surroundings were spectacular. My kids loved throwing the fish food in the pond and then swimming with the fish! We swam, fished, and relaxed the entire time. My only regret was not reserving a week of this little piece of heaven a summer in advance. We will most certainly see you every summer from now on and thanks! 

Tracey Rowan, Charleston WV


I want to thank you so much for the vacation at your cabin. My kids range in ages from 2 - 14. They all had a great time. The cabin had everything we needed to enjoy the week. The kids loved the hot tub, fire pit, pond, canoe, and feeding the fish. I didn't know there was so many beautiful sights within easy driving distance from the cabin. It will be very hard to top this vacation. Thanks for making it so enjoyable. I will recommend the cabin to all my friends.

Allen & Marie Yancey, Claxton, GA


I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had at your cabin. Having it snow on Saturday topped off the whole trip. The scenery was beautiful and could not have been more perfect. Our son is only 5 months old so this was the first time he had been exposed to snow. Thanks to pictures and video, we will have lasting and unforgettable memories for our family. We look forward to staying at your cabin every year, if available.

Thank you for an awesome vacation!

Tonia and Doug Neill
and Connor too........

Jacksonville, Florida

We had a fantastic time! Peaceful, relaxing and plenty of space both inside and out (not to mention the most well-stocked cabin I have even been in). Thank you for contributing to one of our best Thanksgivings ever! Great friends, good wine, and an AWESOME cabin - Thanks Tom T Hall!!

Tra, Atlanta, GA

This has been a wonderful vacation! We really didn't do much except relax and unwind, fish, soak in the hot tub, watch movies and TV while enjoying the quietness. We have been to many cabins in Gatlinburg but this cabin is by far the best we have ever stayed in. There are no houses stacked side by side. Thank you so much for allowing us to share your own little piece of heaven. We loved it and hope to return.

The Brocks, Ashland City, TN

A house holds secrets to unveil
Here is tales of joy to reveal.

Before we go, we shall impart
the simple joys that filled our hearts.

The sounds of silence in the night
The trees so lovely by day light.

Warmth that natural wood tones bring,
Morning Peace ere birds sing.

We'd taken refuge in this place
A time for peace, out of the race.

Faye Bailey-Glasgow, KY

My sister, Karen Lehmberg, our mother, Dorothy, and I stayed at your wonderful place from 4/3-4/8, 2004 and we don't remember when we have ever felt so relaxed.

It has been a very special time for us and we thank you for thinking of everything one could ever need and for the spotless accommodations.
On the evening of 4/7 I was inspired to write this.

The peace the tranquility
the majestic night sky
the surreal glow of the moon
as the clouds pass it by

Its reflection so clear
on the glassine pond below
through the boughs of the trees,
what a magnificent show-
gray black and white
in every conceivable shade
you know this wondrous sight

could never be man made.

And then there are the sounds
out there in the night
and if you pay close attention
you will know that i am right.

The rustling of leaves as a furry friend
settles in, the hoot of an owl
as this symphony begins-
The croak of the bull frog
as he converses with another,

The flip of the fish
as he breaks through the water...

Yes, the sights and the sounds
are to be truly appreciated
and I thank you Lord
for all you have created

Karen Lehmberg,

Out of all the cabins we've stayed at this is by far the most beautiful & peaceful.
It rained on our second day and reminded me how relaxing and beautiful rain could be!
We just watched it rain and sat by the fire. Of course my husband had to fish in the pond and that was funny!
We can't wait to come back. Thank you so much for sharing this small piece of heaven with us and being such a gracious host. You have made us feel so welcome.

Thank you and we will see you again in July if not sooner.
Laura Morrow
Bullett County, KY

Your beautiful cabin was exactly what Jim & I had in mind for out honeymoon. WE LOVED IT!
Just one of our favorite things were the big porches with rocking chairs. It was so peaceful enjoying the scenery while rocking.
Thank you so much for reminding us about the lunar eclipse last night. What a beautiful clear night. We watched the eclipse and looked at all of the stars.
Your hospitality is very much appreciated.
Lynne Lounsbury

The Tom T Hall cabin is like no other! Our second time back and we are ready for more. Our group has been visiting cabins across the Midwest for nearly 10 years and this place sets the standard. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!
Joel, Jim, Wapner, Bert, Kristine and the rest of the cabin people

On the Peaceful Cumberland Plateau Mountains
In North East Tennessee near Oneida