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Tom T. Hall Cabin is located Northwest of Oneida, TN
Directions to Tom T. Hall Cabin
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Must-Have Information for Final Leg of Trip
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The distances listed in the final leg of Google Maps directions are not correct, so please use this information instead. The final leg of trip to Tom T. Hall begins at the intersection of TN-297 and Williams Creek Rd - green circle marks the spot on the graphic below.

From this point forward, distances on your Google Map directions are not correct, so use the distances that follow.

Travel north from this point for 3.8 miles on Williams Creek Rd and Station Camp Rd

runs West from Oneida, TN and ends at TN-154

At the 3.8 mile mark turn right onto Wilderness Trail - green dot.

O'Neal Rd - red dot preceeds Wilderness Trail.

If you pass this sign while on Station Camp Rd., you have missed your turn.

Sign, easily seen at night. Located immediately past Wilderness Trail.

Travel 1.3 miles on Wilderness Trail, then left onto Buck Ridge Rd.

Road names appear on just one side of the post. Names face the road, so names are best viewed right in front of the post.

Name right in front of post

Name from side of post

Google Map marker does not correctly locate the cabin on map.. Cabin is at the end of the road.

The graphic above shows cabin's location - green arrow.


Travel 0.2 miles on Buck Ridge Rd to Tom T. Hall sign, then left into driveway.

Bear left at the stable.


Travel 0.1 miles on Tom T. Hall driveway.

Tom T. Hall Cabin is visible once you reach the end of driveway.



On the Peaceful Cumberland Plateau Mountains
In North East Tennessee near Oneida