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Attractions Near Tom T. Hall Cabin

The free-flowing Big South Fork of the Cumberland River and its tributaries pass through 90 miles of scenic gorges and valleys containing a wide range of natural and historic features. The area offers a broad range of recreational opportunities including camping, whitewater rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, hunting and fishing.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with its experience in managing river basins, was charged with land acquisition, planning and development of facilities. Now completed, these lands and facilities are operated and maintained by the National Park Service for the benefit and use of the public.

BSFN River & Recreation Area Planning Guide

Alvin C. York State Historic Park

The Sgt. Alvin C. York State Historic Park, located in Pall Mall, Tennessee, pays tribute to Sgt. Alvin C. York, the backwoods marksman from the mountains of Tennessee who became one of the most decorated soldiers of World War I. York's fame rose from his legendary exploits on October 8, 1918 in the Argonne Forest in France. Leading a small patrol, York was sent out to eliminate flanking machine gun fire that was halting the advance of his regiment. York found himself alone opposing a German machine gun unit. With rifle and pistol he engaged the enemy. The fight ended with more than twenty Germans dead. Then, the other one hundred and thirty-two soldiers, including four officers and thirty-five machine guns, became discouraged and surrendered to York and six of his comrades. For that he was decorated with a dozen metals, including the Congressional Medal of Honor and the French Croix de Guerre. He has been honored by a 10-foot statue on the grounds of the State Capitol in Nashville, and his medals and trophies may be seen at the Tennessee State Museum. Google Maps directions to Alvin C. York State Historic Park from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

As the train leaves Stearns, it travels down into the Big South Fork River Valley away from civilization, along roaring mountain streams, through a tunnel and along steep cliff sides. Initially skirting National Forest Service lands, it finally enters the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area just below Barthell.
While rolling through this remote wilderness, it's easy to believe that you're transported a century back in time, viewing the same rugged timberlands that greeted the loggers when they arrived at the turn of the 20th century. The train stops at Barthell Mining Camp, a completely rebuilt mining camp representing the first coal camp established by the Stearns Coal & Lumber Company in 1902. Owned and operated by K.B.M.T., Inc., Barthell offers cabins for rent as well. Call 1-888-550-5748 for more information about Barthell.

After hugging the hillsides, the train finally settles into the floor of the river valley, crossing the mouth of Roaring Paunch Creek before entering the Blue Heron Interpretive Site. Along the way, you can see the wild flowers in bloom, rugged rock faces that gave the slogan "Route of the Painted Rocks" to the predecessor Kentucky & Tennessee Railway, and maybe even a deer or black bear. Google Maps directions to Big South Fork Scenic Railway from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Situated in a remote section of the upper Cumberland Mountains, the 17,372-acre Pickett State Park and Forest possess a combination of scenic, botanical and geological wonders found nowhere else in Tennessee. Of particular interest are the uncommon rock formations, natural bridges, numerous caves and remains of ancient Indian occupation. Some say Pickett is second only to the Great Smoky Mountains in botanical diversity. The park is adjacent to the massive Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, with more than 100,000 acres of prime wilderness country. Directions to Pickett State Park from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

SouthEast Pack Trips

Over 25 years experience, Southeast Pack Trips, Inc. is the outfitter for families, campers, hunters, and fishermen.

Be the trail boss. We have everything you need for a horseback riding adventure in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Let us help you customize an unforgettable excursion into the scenic mountains of the Cumberland Plateau. Our reputation has been built on meeting the expectations of our clients - tell us what you want to do and we will deliver.

We provide everything from gentle horses and pack animals to food and camping gear. Google Maps directions from Tom T. Hall SouthEast Pack Trips, Jamestown, TN

Dale Hollow State Park

Opened in 1997, this park's posh resort lodge takes advantage of a spectacular setting to present a first-class vacation experience. Built of wood and stone, the lodge and dining room sit above a 28,000-acre lake and at the edge of 3,400 acres of unspoiled wilderness. Dale Hollow Lake's clear, clean waters have encouraged a national reputation for fishing quality, and boaters delight in the lake's many coves. Scuba divers love to explore submerged landscapes. Abundant wildlife and miles of riding, biking and hiking trails encourage outdoor activity. Google Maps directions to Dale Hollow State Park from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Highland Manor Winery

Highland Manor, an authentic English Tudor winery, rises out of the thick woodland in the heart of Tennessee's wild Cumberland Plateau. Behind massive mahogany doors, the wine cellar provides cool refuge from the intense summer sun. The air, tinged with a sweet, fruity perfume, beckons the visitor to stay a while and enjoy the unexpected charms of the Highland Manor Winery near Jamestown and Rugby Tennessee. Google Maps Directions from Tom T. Hall Cabin to Highland Manor Winery.

South Fork Ranch Decor
250 S. Main Street
Oneida, Tennessee 37841

Ph: 800-914-9298, or 423-569-5598

Paula Blankenship and Sherry Lambert's store is located in the heart of the Big South Fork in the beautiful town of Oneida Tennessee. They are a full service interior design and furniture center specializing in western and rustic interiors.


Sheltowee Trace Outfitters

Services include:Whitewater rafting -
Spring - Big South Fork
Summer - Cumberland Below the Falls Fall - Russell Fork

Canoeing -
Spring, early Summer - Cumberland above the Falls
Spring, Summer, Fall - Big South Fork

Kayak Instruction Shuttle Services
Cumberland Star River Boat
Lunch Cruises
Charter cruises

Climbing Wall Camp-Inns and Campsites Located about 10 miles west of I-75 off of Exits 15 and 25 in southern KY. They are on the main road leading to Cumberland Falls, just 5 miles east of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. Their home base borders the Daniel Boone National Forest and offers visitors an excellent location from which to base outdoor adventures.

Blue Heron

Blue Heron Mining Community located 9 miles west of Stearns, Kentucky, on Hwy 742. Blue Heron, or Mine 18, is an abandoned coal mining town. It was a part of the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company's past operation in what today is the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park Service. Most of what we know about life at Blue Heron, and the other Stearns coal towns, has been handed down by oral history.

Blue Heron mine operated from 1937 until December, 1962, when it closed. During that time, hundreds of people lived and worked in the isolated community on the banks of the Big South Fork River. Their story is the focus of this interpretive tour of the Blue Heron Community. Google Maps directions to Blue Heron Mining Comunity from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Off Road Amusement

Brimstone Recreation, LLC
manages and promotes the recreational use of over 19,196 acres nestled in the remote wilds of Northeast Tennessee and located in the Heart of Appalachia.  We offer outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the untamed wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains while enjoying a wide array of recreational activities.  21 miles south of Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Google Maps directions to Brimstone Recreation, 2860 Baker Highway, Huntsville, TN, from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Cumberland Safari Adventure Tours [CSAT] is a provider for Off-road Tours through the Cumberland Plateau. CSAT offers day trips, horseback rides, river rafting, hiking, camping, hunting, and shooting through their local friends and associated companies. 21 miles south of Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Google Maps directions to Cumberland Safari Adventure Tours, Huntsville, TN, look for Thompson's Yamaha from Tom T. Hall Cabin.

Coal Creek OHV area is 72,000 acres of off road fun. ATV's, motorcycles, Jeeps, buggies trucks all enjoy some of the best off-roading in the country. The OHV area requires a permit. It can be purchased upon arrival at the trail head. 63 miles south of Tom T. Hall Cabin

Google Maps directions to Coal Creek OHV, 981 Windrock Road, Oliver Springs, TN from Tom T. Hall Cabin

Time stands still at Rugby, Tennessee - the restored Victorian village founded in 1880 by British author and social reformer, Thomas Hughes. It was to be a cooperative, class-free, agricultural community for younger sons of English gentry and others wishing to start life anew in America. At its peak, some 350 people lived in the colony. More than 70 buildings of Victorian design graced the East Tennessee townscape.

This would-be Utopia survives today as both living community and a fascinating historic site, unspoiled by modern development. Twenty original buildings still stand at the southern edge of the Big South Fork National Park, surrounded by rugged river gorges. Google Maps directions from Tom T. Hall Cabin to Rugby, TN

Located in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, the Daniel Boone National Forest [DBNF] encompasses over 700,000 acres of land. This land is generally rugged and characterized by steep forested ridges, narrow valleys, and over 3,400 miles of cliffline. The forest contains two large lakes (Cave Run Lake and Laurel River Lake), many rivers and streams, two wilderness areas, and the 269-mile Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail that extends across the length of the forest. Abundant wildlife, lush vegetation, magnificent scenery, and numerous recreation opportunities offer visitors much to enjoy.

The DBNF is one of the most heavily used forests in the South, with over 5 million visitors annually. People come here to backpack, camp, picnic, rockclimb, boat, hunt, fish, ride and relax. Directions to DBNF Natural Arch Scenic Area from Tom T. Hall Cabin.
Download PDF - DBNF Natural Arch Loop Trail #510.
The Museum was opened in the late 1960s with one log building, the General Bunch House, on a two-acre plot. Now it has grown to 65 acres, including dozens of authentic log structures, a large Display Building, and extensive Craft and Gift (and Antique) Shop, a Restaurant, the Mountain Heritage Room, the popular Appalachian Hall of Fame Building, the People's Building, and over a quarter million items.

It was my intention not to develop a cold, formal, lifeless "museum." Rather, I have aimed for the "lived-in" look, striving for, above all else, authenticity. It was my goal to make the Bunch House, the Arnwine Cabin, and all the other dwellings appear as though the family had just strolled down to the spring to fetch the daily supply of water
Text above is quote from John Rice Irwin, Museum of Appalachia Founder and Director. Google Maps directions from Tom T. Hall Cabin to Museum of Appalachia. Download this PDF - Natural Arch Loop Trail #510 PDF
Charit Creek Lodge, located deep in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, is only accessible by horseback, foot or mountain bike. Well-maintained hiking and horse trails lead you through interesting and beautiful places on your way to the lodge.

Located where Charit Creek and Station Camp Creek meet, the lodge rests in a beautiful pasture framed by magnificent bluffs. This valley has given shelter to travelers in the Big South Fork since the Indian hunting camps. A white hunter, Jonathan Blevins, built the first cabin here in 1817. His log structure still stands as part of the lodge.

Golf Courses

Crooked Creek Golf Course
185 Fairway Ln
Oneida, TN, 37841
(423) 569-9506
Directions to Crooked Creek Golf Course from Tom T. Hall Cabin

Mountain View Golf Course
1925 Allardt Tinch Rd
Jamestown, TN
(931) 879-0399
Directions to Mountain View Golf Course from Tom T. Hall Cabin

Dale Hollow Lake State
Resort Park Golf Course

6371 State Park Road
Burkesville, Kentucky 42717-9728
(866) 903-7888
Google Maps directions to South Fork Ranch Decor
Directions to Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park Golf Course from Tom T. Hall Cabin.


On the Peaceful Cumberland Plateau Mountains
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